Birth control and booze on the brain

December 5, 2012 at 5:31 pm

Birth Control and FASD

Did you know the proper use of birth control can help prevent FASD among many young women? For those who drink regularly and are sexually active, FASD can occur before the woman even realizes she is pregnant. Unplanned pregnancies happen in over 50% of pregnancies. Many women can be 4-6 weeks pregnant before the first signs of pregnancy begin and during this critical time structures of the brain and nervous system are forming. If a woman drinks during that time, she may cause damage to the fetus without even realizing it. Using birth control while sexually active and drinking can help prevent this from happening. Physicians are now advocating for girls to be provided “just-in-case” birth control. Find out more here.

Booze and a Baby’s Brain

What does alcohol do to a baby’s brain? Find out the disturbing answer here.

Even a little bit of alcohol during pregnancy can harm a child a child’s IQ. There is no safe time or amount.

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New studies support evidence of brain damage from drinking during pregnancy Check out this PSA about FASD!

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