An ethical dilemma

December 13, 2012 at 6:32 pm

Imagine this scenario: You are a waiter or waitress in a high end restaurant and you introduce yourself to your table. A woman and her spouse are sitting there spending some quality time together. You ask for their drink order. He requests a beer and she asks for a glass of wine, only you notice something odd. The bulge in her abdomen leads you to believe she is very much–pregnant. Knowing the potential harm in consuming alcohol during pregnancy you hesitate. You know if you serve her alcohol that you are going against your own morals and possibly enabling harm to come to a child who is not even born yet. Do you have the right to refuse to serve her alcohol?

There are many answers to this complicated question. First, yes, you have the right to refuse service to anyone if it goes against your morals and beliefs, but this may lead to other possible scenarios: 1. An unhappy couple, no tip, and a nice complaint to management. Job termination? The customer is always right, correct? Or 2. They appreciate your honesty and reasoning.

Of course this isn’t the only scenario people in service industries may face. Should a bartender have to serve a woman at the bar who is visibly pregnant? Does a liquor store clerk have to sell alcohol to a pregnant customer? Despite warning labels on beer, wine, and liquor bottles, and signs in bars and public restrooms, many pregnant women still try to purchase alcohol either for themselves or others.

Read more about this complicated issue here.

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