25 things to do instead of drinking alcohol

May 7, 2013 at 6:19 pm

For pregnant women and women in general, check out these simple alternatives to drinking alcohol.

– Create an amazing alcohol-free cocktail, check out some ideas here.

– Cook a fabulous meal with a new recipe.

– Plant a small garden.

– Write a blog or journal/diary.

– Take a long walk with a friend or pet or by yourself (with music).

– Explore somewhere you have wanted to but never have before, such as a park or trail.

– Tackle those chores you have put off.

– Start a craft or DIY project. You can find tons of ideas on Pinterest.

– Volunteer at a local charity or organization.

– Read a popular book. Harry Potter? Twilight, anyone? Even just a trip to the local library can draw some inspiration, and it’s free!

Learn a new skill: learn a new instrument, a new language, how to type, how to build a web page, yoga, karate, photography, knitting. The possibilities are endless.

– Visit the local museum, zoo, aquarium, etc.

– Go for a bike ride.

– Go to the local arcade.

– Watch a good movie.

– Get your nails or hair done.

– Start an exercise program.

– Relax by the beach or lay in the sun.

– Play a board game with your children or friends or siblings.

– Go shopping.

– Organize something: your closet, your desk, the pile of mail in the corner, the attic/basement, your filing cabinet. Everyone has something to organize.

– Take a college class.

– Bake your favorite treat.

– Hold a yard sale.

– Complete a puzzle.

Check out more activities you can do instead of drinking. Do you have any to add?





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